locandina 12x02 - Il bersaglio - Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

12x02 Law and Order: Special Victims Unit - Il bersaglio

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Stagione 12, Episodio 2

Il bersaglio (Bullseye) e' l'episodio numero 2 della Stagione 12 della serie televisiva Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.
Girato in USA, prima visione americana è Mercoledì 22 Settembre 2010 su NBC. Prima visione italiana Venerdì 5 Agosto 2011 su Premium Crime.
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Trama, Sinossi Episodio

Due ragazzine vengono stuprate. L' opinione pubblica si mobilita per cercare di isolare i possibili colpevoli, soprattutto Erik Weber e il gruppo dei COAP. Dopo false piste e rastrellamenti a tappeto senza esito, Stabler e Benson chiedono aiuto a Weber. Un evento fortuito fornira' la chiave del caso...

Sinossi alternativa: Benson and Stabler are investigating the rape of a little girl who shows up bleeding in a convenience store. While combing neighborhoods, they find their victim hung out outside a house belonging to Jeff and Amber Samonsky. They find the couple playing computer games and completely oblivious as to why they are being brought into the SVU. After Jeff tells Benson that Rose isn't his biological daughter and denies every raping and imprisoning her, Amber tells Stabler that the photo of the victim is just an imposter of her daughter, Rose. Amber admits that this imposter lives with them, but she doesn't love her like a daughter. Huang thinks Amber's confusion is a result of being hit by a bus a year earlier. Rose tells Benson that it wasn't her stepfather Jeff who attacked her. She says that when she ran away from home, she ended up at the kids' playground, Laffy Time, and that's where a man raped her. The detectives interview Laffy Time's owner and discover her mentally handicapped son also volunteers there and is a self-admitted sex offender - for public urination. After discovering that Stuart is becoming a victim of finger-pointing by a sex offender watchdog group, Benson and Stuart turn to the help of Eric Weber, a man they worked with earlier on a case who volunteers for the watchdog group. Eric agrees to ask around and see if anybody saw Rose or her assailant in the neighborhood. Benson and Stabler get news of another attack on a little girl. Mandy tells Benson she was pulled behind a fence and attacked and taken photos of, similar to Rose's story. A crowd begins to gather around the scene. Stabler confronts Eric and the watchdog group who are hovering around. Eric begins taunting Stabler about his job until Benson breaks it up. With the press hounding the SVU about finding a child rapist, they step their investigation up a notch by bringing in every registered sex offender in the vicinity. Unfortunately, all their alibis pan out. Stabler tells Benson that he's beginning to suspect Eric might know more than he's letting on about these attacks. He asks Benson to try to investigate further. Benson goes over to Eric's to talk about her investigation over a bottle of wine. Eric shows her his advanced software that shows him every computer in New York City that has downloaded pornographic material involving children. Benson feels this is exactly what she needs to crack her case, especially when she spots both Rose's and Molly's images. Benson is able to trace the IP address to the Upper East Side and to the man responsible for downloading the images. Edwin is brought in for questioning. He swears he had nothing to do with the attacks on Rose or Mandy, even though he has a rap sheet for similar crimes. Edwin pleads that Benson and Stabler keep his wife in the dark since she's unaware of his past. Stabler points out that this will be Edwin's third strike. After Edwin is attacked in prison by a cop, his arraignment goes in his favor. The judge reprimands Cragen for his lack of supervision of Edwin while in custody, and grants Edwin bail. Edwin pleads with his attorney to not let his wife know about anything that's happened, including his arrest. Edwin realizes his request has been denied when he walks outside and sees the sex offender watchdog group gathered outside the courthouse, along with news crews. When Edwin spots his wife outside, he takes her car and plows into a truck, killing himself. While Benson tells Molly that her attacker is dead, she introduces Molly to Eric, telling the girl that Eric can teach her self-defense in his karate class. Molly looks frightened as Eric leaves. When Molly leaves, Benson notices she's urinated in her pants. Benson tells Stabler she fears Eric might be the real attacker and decides to pay him a visit. Benson accuses Eric of being both Molly's and Rose's rapist, accusations he denies. He threatens to call the police on Benson and she continues to accuse him of planting evidence on Edwin to make him look guilty and to push him over the edge so he'd kill himself before the truth could be exposed. The same way his sister killed herself in 1982, after Eric raped her. Benson tells Eric that Grace never killed herself and he has proof. Just then, Stabler walks in with Grace, who accuses her brother of raping her when she was nine years old. He tells Benson, Stabler and Grace that he's sick and he can't control himself. Eric lunges at Benson but she punches him out cold as Grace watches and cries.

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Titolo Italiano: Il bersaglio
Titolo Originale: Bullseye
Prima trasmissione Originale: Mercoledì 22 Settembre 2010 su NBC
Premiere USA: Mercoledì 22 Settembre 2010 su NBC
Prima trasmissione in Italia: Venerdì 5 Agosto 2011 su Premium Crime
Serie Televisiva: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Stagione: 12 - Episodio: 2
Nazione: USA
Durata: 45 minuti
Genere: Crimine, Drammatico, Mistero

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