13x12 Law and Order: Special Victims Unit:
Versione ufficiale

locandina 13x12 - Versione ufficiale - Law and Order: Special Victims UnitVersione ufficiale (Official Story) e' l'episodio numero 12 della Stagione 13 della serie televisiva Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.
Girato in USA, prima visione negli Stati Uniti Mercoledì 18 Gennaio 2012 su NBC. Prima visione in Italia Mercoledì 2 Maggio 2012 su Premium Crime.
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Il direttore generale di una compagnia di contractor subisce uno stupro. La pista porta all'arresto di un uomo, padre di una giovane donna che ha subito violenza quattro anni prima. Quello che l'indagato raccontera' sulla vittima fara' aprire una nuova indagine... 

Sinossi alternativa: Benson and Amaro interview Rand from his hospital bed. The assault is hazy to him because of the drugged water he drank. Virginia Pell, Rand's general counsel, thanks the detectives for their help but their own company will take over the investigation. Benson tells Virginia they don't subcontract their investigations and assures her they understand the sensitivity of the crime. In the squad room, detectives learn Rand received threats from the protestors before his news interview. Benson and Amaro question one of the protesters about his threating comments to the CEO. The protester proudly admits to verbally attacking Rand but denies taking it further than that. He tells the detectives to check out an ex-military looking NARC that's been hiding amongst the protesters all week. The detectives watch several police videos from the protest and discover Donald O'Keefe, a former Marine, watching Rand suspiciously. They track down Donald who smiles when he sees the cops approaching and freely holds out his hands for surrender, "After what he did to my little girl, Rand got what he deserved." In the interrogation room, Donald proudly admits to assaulting Rand, but he won't sign a confession unless the police help his daughter. Donald explains how his daughter was drugged and raped by four of Rand's military contractors when she worked for Battle-Tested Security in Basra. She reported the assault to the authorities, but they quietly swept it away; and now Donald wants justice. Fin tells Donald that a rape for a rape is not justice, and they aren't playing "Let's Make a Deal." Capt. Cragen tells the detectives that the daughter's rape does not mitigate Rand's assault. They should charge Donald and move on. Later, Rand comes into the station to ID his attacker, but when he looks at the lineup and sees Donald, he suspiciously denies recognizing anyone. Amaro thinks that Rand just wanted to eyeball Donald, so his own security could take care of him later. Or, Benson theorizes, Rand does not want them looking into the daughter's suspected rape. Cragen hesitantly agrees to let the detectives question Donald's daughter, as long as they don't forget which case they're investigating. Benson and Amaro talk to Cory, Donald's daughter, about her alleged rape. She recalls that while in Basra she was drugged and then brutally raped by four of Rand's contractors. She breaks down in tears as she remembers the brutality of the men. Once she reported the rape, she was unjustly held for 72 hours by Battle-Tested Security bureaucrats who were more concerned with her suing the company than finding her mysteriously lost rape kit. Back at the station, Cragen introduces Benson and Amaro to the new ADA, David Haden. He's there to inquiry about the Rand case because it deals with the kidnapping of a high profile CEO. Amaro fights back that he's there just to protect Rand's image. Haden denies the accusation and, as a peace-offering, sets up a meeting with the U.S. Attorney's office to figure out why Cory's rape was never investigated. At the U.S. Attorney's Office, they learn that, due to the rape kit disappearing, the Justice Department had no substantial evidence on Cory's allegations. Afterwards, Haden realizes that, because Rand's headquarters are in NYC, if Benson can prove a cover-up of the rape was directed from NYC, he would have jurisdiction to prosecute. Haden tasks Benson and Amaro to find the lost rape kit. Benson, Amaro and Haden interview Dr. Rausch, the doctor that performed the rape kit on Cory. The doctor tears up as she recalls the violent nature of the rape; "they tore her apart," she says. The rape kit contained massive amounts of evidence and was handed over to Rand's corporation because Cory was one of its employees. Later that night, Benson and Haden have drinks together. There's an instant connection as they open up to each other. The next day at the Grand Jury, Haden questions Dr. Rausch about Cory's rape kit. Surprisingly, Dr. Rausch changes her story. Dr. Rausch now testifies that she can hardly remember the incident or the rape kit. Haden tersely reminds the doctor that she's under oath, but Dr. Rausch sticks to her new testimony. Later, the SVU team learns that Dr. Rausch has disappeared from the city. Haden tasks Benson to find other witnesses of the rape. In the squad room, Cory identifies photos of other possible witnesses, but Battle-Tested Security has all of them on classified assignments outside the country. Rollins and Amaro interview Jo Marshall, a Senior VP with the company. He accuses Cory of being unstable and getting "turned on" by being in a war zone. Later, detectives find former Battle-Tested employee George Coleman who admits to being a witness to Cory's rape. He is disheveled and has lived an alcoholic life since leaving Rand's corporation. Coleman admits that Jo Marshall was ordered by the company's New York headquarters to cover up the rape, and he agrees to testify to that fact. Just then, Rand walks into the squad room to get an update on his assault case. Rand is surprised to learn the detectives are investigating Cory's alleged rape. He calls Cory a mentally unstable woman and then subtly threatens the detectives that they don't want to go up against him, saying, "War is my business, and business is good." Later that night, Rand's war begins. Donald is stabbed in jail; Cory is assaulted by two hooded men at her job; Benson finds her apartment ransacked, and Coleman is found dead at his hotel room from alcohol poisoning. At the squad room, the detectives try to piece together how Colman could've died from alcohol poisoning when they took out all the alcohol from his room. Amaro learns that Coleman's last call was to a James Pell, Virginia's father. Benson and Amaro question Virginia about Coleman's last phone call. She blames the police for causing her friend to spiral back into drinking. Benson tells her Coleman was murdered. Later, Benson and Haden listen to a panicked phone conversation Virginia makes to Rand from her tapped phone. Virginia questions Rand on why Coleman was murdered, but Rand deflects the question. Virginia then asks if she should "make the run out to the mountain," but Rand tells her to stay calm and they'll talk later. Benson looks up at Haden; they need to find out what "the mountain" is. The SVU team takes Jo Marshall under custody as a material witness. Later, Amaro receives a threating phone call insinuating "they" know where his military wife will be deployed next and they'll be waiting. In the interrogation room, Amaro furiously rushes up to Marshall for having the company issue a threat to his family. Marshall tells Amaro that he's being naive; a war has started between the SVU squad and Battle-Tested. Amaro plays for Marshall a taped phone conversation between Rand and Virginia. On the call Rand worries that Marshall is a liability and needs to "disappear." The detectives have learned that "mountain" is a reference to Iron Mountain, a secure storage facility; what they don't know is what Rand is hiding in it. Benson suddenly realizes that it's the rape kit; Rand kept it secure as an insurance policy that no one would rat him out. Marshall tells them it's not there anymore, but he kept other evidence of the rape as his own insurance policy from Rand. Benson tells Marshall it's time to cash it in. Marshall reluctantly agrees; he'll make a deal. Haden questions Marshall at the Grand Jury. He testifies that Rand told him from NYC to cover up the rape and hide the rape kit from investigators. Later at the NYC helipad, the SVU squad arrests William Rand and Virginia Pell. Later, Cory watches as Rand and Virginia are transported to jail in handcuffs. Benson reassures Cory that the charges will not be dropped. They have Rand and his corporation up on Coleman's murder, multiple assaults, obstruction of justice, witness tampering and several other charges. Amaro receives a call on his cell; it's Cory's father on the line from the jail infirmary. He hands Cory the phone, and she tearfully tells her father, "They got'em, Daddy. We got them all." Later that night, Benson and Haden walk out of a restaurant after having drinks. Benson tells Haden that she "hasn't worked that well with anyone in a very long time." Haden agrees. They look into each other's eyes and passionately kiss. A taxi pulls up and Benson gets in alone. As Benson drives away in the taxi, she looks back at Haden and smiles.

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Titolo Italiano: Versione ufficiale
Titolo Originale: Official Story
Prima Visione Assoluta: Mercoledì 18 Gennaio 2012 su NBC
Prime Visione USA: Mercoledì 18 Gennaio 2012 su NBC
Prima Visione Italia: Mercoledì 2 Maggio 2012 su Premium Crime
Serie Televisiva: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Stagione: 13 - Episodio: 12
Nazione: USA
Durata: 45 minuti
Genere: Crimine, Drammatico, Mistero

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Monique Jeffries
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Brian Cassidy
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John Munch
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Olivia Benson
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Donald Cragen
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Kathy Stabler
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Detective Elliot Stabler
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Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

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