9x18 Criminal Minds:

Criminal Minds: Stagione 9, Episodio 18

locandina 9x18 - Idrofobo - Criminal Minds
Idrofobo (Rabid) e' l'episodio numero 18 della Stagione 9 della serie televisiva Criminal Minds.
Girato in USA, prima visione USA Mercoledì 12 Marzo 2014 su CBS. Prima visione italiana Venerdì 6 Giugno 2014 su Fox Crime.
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Trama, Sinossi Episodio

A Milwakee vengono trovati tre cadaveri che mostrano segni di morsi animali e anche umani: la squadra parte immediatamente. Intanto Reid e Garcia lavorano in incognito...ad un programma di fitness! 

Sinossi alternativa: When a grave with three unidentified bodies is found in a forest preserve, the BAU is called in to investigate. The victims are covered in bite marks and show evidence of being held captive before they were killed. The M.E. report reveals two of the victims suffered from both animal and human bite marks. Reid suspects the UnSub infected them with the Rabies virus via the first victim, an animal control employee who was the only one not bitten by a human. Their profile of the UnSub notes his obsession with Rabies and watching his victims suffer from the virus.As two more locals are reported missing, Garcia uncovers a report from fifteen years ago of a nine year old boy, Hunter, who was bitten by a bat on a family camping trip. They hone in on his older brother David, a pest control employee, and raid his house to find tape recordings of Hunter suffering in the hospital. The absence of Hunter's death certificate leads them to believe his parents euthanized him to put him out his misery. After the team is alerted to a crazed woman attacking patrons of a coffee shop, they head there to apprehend her and locate an abandoned animal shelter nearby which turns out to be David's infection lab. The team takes him down and is able to save one of his would be victims.

Scheda Episodio

Titolo Italiano: Idrofobo
Titolo Originale: Rabid
Prima Visione Assoluta: Mercoledì 12 Marzo 2014 su CBS
Prime Visione USA: Mercoledì 12 Marzo 2014 su CBS
Prima Visione Italia: Venerdì 6 Giugno 2014 su Fox Crime
Serie Televisiva: Criminal Minds
Stagione: 9 - Episodio: 18
Nazione: USA
Durata: 45 minuti
Genere: Crimine, Drammatico, Mistero

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