locandina 11x16 - Non sognare, e' finita - Grey's Anatomy

11x16 Grey's Anatomy - Non sognare, e' finita

Grey's Anatomy: Stagione 11, Episodio 16

Non sognare, e' finita (Don't Dream It's Over) e' l'episodio numero 16 della Stagione 11 della serie televisiva Grey's Anatomy.
Girato in USA, prima visione USA Giovedì 19 Marzo 2015 su ABC. Prima visione italiana Lunedì 27 Aprile 2015 su Fox Life.
La prima messa in onda è stata vista da 7.730.000 telespettatori.
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Trama, Sinossi Episodio

Un paziente affetto da Alzheimer provoca un problema all'ospedale, e una discussione sull'argomento. Intanto Meredith rivela la sua grande paura: che Derek le abbia mentito.

Sinossi alternativa: April is so jazzed to be back at work saving lives that she attacks Jackson in a supply room. Her hubby promptly kills the mood by bring up the fact that they haven't been intimate since before they lost their baby. Owen and Amelia also have a passionate interlude interrupted when duty calls. They try to pick up where they left off later, but duty calls again. Maybe the third time will be the charm! Callie must cut short a first date to head into work, but not before getting an extended goodbye kiss. Arizona awkwardly watches the seemingly-endless smooch from afar. Callie thinks she's jealous. That's not it at all. Arizona is worried because she once dated that same woman. She nicknamed her "Steak Knives" because of her Psycho-like qualities. Tom and his pregnant wife, Blair, are injured after a car crashed into their house. Martin, the belligerent 65-year-old driver, punches Maggie as she tries to examine him. He knocks her out cold. She comes around eventually. As for Martin, his wife arrives to reveal that her husband has Alzheimer's. He has no idea what he's done. Then he does. Just like that, Martin is as lucid as can be. As it turns out, Martin never had Alzheimer's. His condition stemmed from a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid. The accident released some of the fluid, but a shunt needs to be inserted to keep the patient from reverting back. Martin declines the surgery. He feels guilty when he learns what he's done and how he's lost five years of his life. The doctors have no choice but to abide by his wishes. Blair takes a turn for the worse. The race is on to save her. Despite Arizona's best efforts, Blair dies on the table. There's still a chance to save the baby though. CPR is initiated. Everyone works feverously to keep Blair's blood circulating. Alex comes in to help deliver the baby. It's touch-and-go. Then cries are heard. The baby is okay. Everyone is relieved except for Jo, who breaks down in tears. Meredith's streak of saving 89 straight patients is in jeopardy as Tom fights for his life. The streak has the residents very excited. After all, they deal with so much death every day. It's what made Jo break down. It's also what makes Stephanie perk up when Meredith has her take the leads to save a crashing Tom. The patient survives a scare. The streak continues! Jackson won't apologize for being worried about April. After all, it's incredibly tough for him to pull it together each day. He can only imagine how hard it must be for her. He admits that he wants to have sex with his wife. April lets him know that she's right there for him. So… they have sex in their car in the parking lot. At the end of a long, difficult day, Richard lets Maggie know that her mother, Ellis Grey, had Alzheimer's. He figured she'd want to know. Maggie gets a little woozy. She may have a concussion from earlier. She also already knew that she has a genetic disposition for Alzheimer's. She just never realized where it came from. She's really glad it didn't come from Richard. Alex assures Meredith that Derek isn't cheating on her even though a strange woman answered his cell phone. Maggie offers a bunch of options to help explain things. Meredith still can't shake the fact that Derek has done this type of thing before. The first time it was with her. Callie assures her that she's rooting for them. She's on Team Mer-Der! Woohoo! Meredith is surprised when Derek shows up at the house. He jumped on the first flight he could find. He left in such a rush that he forgot his keys. The reason Derek flew home is because his wife called and a strange woman answered his cell phone. Meredith agrees that's what happened. What this exactly means remains to be seen.

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Titolo Italiano: Non sognare, e' finita
Titolo Originale: Don't Dream It's Over
Prima trasmissione Originale: Giovedì 19 Marzo 2015 su ABC
Premiere USA: Giovedì 19 Marzo 2015 su ABC
Prima trasmissione in Italia: Lunedì 27 Aprile 2015 su Fox Life
Serie Televisiva: Grey's Anatomy
Stagione: 11 - Episodio: 16
Nazione: USA
Durata: 45 minuti
Genere: Drammatico, Romantico
Ascolti Prima TV: 7.730.000 telespettatori

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