11x03 Grey's Anatomy - Dobbiamo essere realistici

Grey's Anatomy: Stagione 11, Episodio 3

Dobbiamo essere realistici (Got to Be Real) e' l'episodio numero 3 della Stagione 11 della serie televisiva Grey's Anatomy.
Girato in USA, prima visione USA Giovedì 9 Ottobre 2014 su ABC. Prima visione italiana Lunedì 10 Novembre 2014 su Fox Life.
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Owen spera che Callie sfrutti il suo laboratorio di arti robotici per aiutare i veterani di guerra. Intanto l'amicizia tra Alex e Meredith inizia ad ingelosire Jo, e Maggie si apre sempre più con Richard.

Sinossi alternativa: When Alex agreed to become Meredith's person, he didn't realize it meant she could interrupt his morning shower. Jo didn't realize this either. Stephanie thinks she's afraid of Meredith, who finally gets Alex to pay attention about the reality that she may have a brand new half-sis. The timeline suggests that Ellis Grey was pregnant around the time she tried to kill herself. It's confirmed that Maggie is Meredith's sister. A team of surgeons works to save Charlie, a man who has been impaled by a tree. Richard takes the lead as the group removes the guy's spleen in record time. Maggie is inspired. Richard seems to be inspired as well to tell her something. Too bad he can't track her down. He does find Meredith though. Richard is upset that her mother stole his chance to be a father. Owen tricks Callie into meeting a group of Veterans Hospital patients in the hopes that she will help them with her robotic limb lab. He promises one wounded army ranger, Jeff, that they can help him with this fully-funded program. Unfortunately, the soldier isn't a good candidate for the robotic leg. This leads to a big shouting match between Callie and Owen regarding how they must now crush a man's dream. Fortunately, Jackson has an idea that could help. Owen apologizes to Callie. He admits that he's just looking for something to be good. He's still wrestling with his feelings over Cristina's departure. Callie listens to his emotional speech. She accepts his apology and lets him know that the procedure on Jeff is a go, which is a good thing. Callie also announces that they are starting a special program for veterans. Another good thing. Dr. Herman (guest star Geena Davis) instructs Arizona to get a notepad to start jotting down everything she says now that she's her fellow. Later, Jo presents a young patient who appears to have appendicitis. That's not really possible since Arizona removed the boy's appendix two years ago. A portion of it was left inside. The mom doesn't want Arizona to operate on his son again, so Jo is called to do the new surgery. Dr. Herman witnesses this exchange. Not good. Callie later accuses Arizona of not wanting to have a baby. Not good again. The vote for a new member of the board is forthcoming. Bailey is confident she will convince her peers to see things her way. Alex is nervous about his speech. He practices on a liquor-drinking Meredith, who is ticked at Derek for playing the role of a martyr. Amelia lets her Seattle-staying brother know that she is the Chief of Neurosurgery even though he decided not to go to DC. That doesn't stop Derek from stealing her patient. His actions have a lot to do with his decision to give up that once-in-a-lifetime job. This comes out in a bad scene with Meredith. Bailey and Alex wait to make their case to the board. Richard is going to be a little late for the proceedings. He needs to talk to Maggie. He finally fesses up that he's her father. She thought that was a possibility, but dismissed it when he didn't say anything. She now believes that he knew about her all along and simply didn't want her. Back inside the hospital, Bailey and Alex make their presentations. The board takes a long time to decide. At the end of the day, Bailey becomes their newest member.

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Titolo Italiano: Dobbiamo essere realistici
Titolo Originale: Got to Be Real
Prima Visione Assoluta: Giovedì 9 Ottobre 2014 su ABC
Prime Visione USA: Giovedì 9 Ottobre 2014 su ABC
Prima Visione Italia: Lunedì 10 Novembre 2014 su Fox Life
Serie Televisiva: Grey's Anatomy
Stagione: 11 - Episodio: 3
Nazione: USA
Durata: 45 minuti
Genere: Drammatico, Romantico

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11x03 - Got to Be Real - Grey's Anatomy
Foto e Immagini 11x03 - Dobbiamo essere realistici - Grey's Anatomy
11x03 - Got to Be Real - Grey's Anatomy
11x03 - Got to Be Real - Grey's Anatomy
11x03 - Got to Be Real - Grey's Anatomy
11x03 - Got to Be Real - Grey's Anatomy
11x03 - Got to Be Real - Grey's Anatomy
11x03 - Got to Be Real - Grey's Anatomy
11x03 - Got to Be Real - Grey's Anatomy
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