4x10 Rookie Blue - Tu sei qui

Rookie Blue: Stagione 4, Episodio 10

Tu sei qui (You Are Here) e' l'episodio numero 10 della Stagione 4 della serie televisiva Rookie Blue.
Girato in USA, prima visione USA Giovedì 22 Agosto 2013 su ABC. Prima visione italiana Lunedì 4 Agosto 2014 su TIMvision.
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Trama, Sinossi Episodio

Una retata per marijuana si trasforma nel primo caso di omicidio per Traci. Andy, Gail e Nick fanno dello straordinario per darle una mano. Intanto, Swarek, Oliver, Chris e Dov si recano nella nuova baita in montagna di Oliver per il fine settimana. 

Sinossi alternativa: POLICE LOG: A routine bust at a pot house becomes Detective Traci Nash's first solo homicide case. Officer Oliver Shaw buys a cabin in the woods. Detailed report follows: Oliver and Gail stumble upon a pot business in the basement of a house. A stoned-out young man is arrested at the scene. The kid's name is Chuck. He claims to be a low-level dealer who was just at the house for a pickup. In other news, Andy is looking for the right time to tell Gail that she slept with Nick. She acts extremely twitchy around her new man's ex-girl. Andy and Gail are ordered to clear the pot plants out of the drug house. Traci is running point on the operation which becomes a murder case when a dead body is found on the premises. Traci questions Chuck about the dead guy. His name was Ivan and he was the weed supplier at the house. Speaking of the crime scene, Gail burns her arm while carrying some industrial-strength cleaner. This occurs just before Andy is about to offer up the scoop about her and Nick. In other news, Traci makes it clear to Steve Peck that she's not looking to date anyone right now. They still have to work together though as guns and gangs is now sharing her case even though Traci prefers to go solo. Nick lets Chuck know that he still hasn't been cleared. Another suspect is arrested, but the guy only speaks Portuguese. Fortunately, so does Chloe. She tricks the guy into revealing that he speaks English. The suspect admits that he was supposed to kill Ivan, but couldn't go through with it. Someone else finished the job. The suspect was supposed to call a number after the hit. As Chloe dials, Traci can see from across the squad room that Chuck's cell is ringing. He's the killer. Traci lets Chloe know that she was a rock star today. This is just before Steve Nash programs his number in her phone under the name: Captain of the Universe. Chris is back at work at 15 Division. Dov wants to celebrate by hitting the Penny. These plans are derailed when Oliver announces that he just bought a cabin in the woods. He ropes Sam, Chris and Dov into an open house beer bash at his new outdoor pad. All cell phones are confiscated so the boys can get back to nature. Actually, host Oliver keeps his cell so he can have a chat with Celery. After his call, he orders Dov and Chris into the forest to find some firewood. It seems Oliver's new cabin has no electricity. That means no heat. So Dov and Chris head into the great outdoors with ax in hand. Sadly, they are not experienced woodsmen. After Sam blows a fuse trying to get the power up and running, Oliver confronts him about the Andy situation. He encourages his pal to be honest with Marlo about his true feelings. Sam can't stop thinking about a future with Andy. Out in the woods, Chris takes out his frustrations on a tree with his ax. He's upset about how his life has spiraled out of control. When he was in Timmons, no one treated him like a rookie. He and Dov may start getting that same consideration at 15 when they return to cabin to fire up the generator Sam and Oliver couldn't fix. Turns out this cabin adventure was decent little bonding experience. Andy finally spills the news about sleeping with Nick. Gail already knew. She orders Andy to scram because this conversation is killing her mellow from all those painkillers. When Gail is back to her old self, she lets Andy know that she broke the code. You never date a friend's ex. The good news for Gail is that the always perfect Andy McNally is now the bad guy. She leaves the hospital with Holly. Andy then meets up with Nick. She gives him a long kiss to make sure it was worth what she did to Gail.

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Titolo Italiano: Tu sei qui
Titolo Originale: You Are Here
Prima trasmissione Originale: Giovedì 22 Agosto 2013 su ABC
Premiere USA: Giovedì 22 Agosto 2013 su ABC
Prima trasmissione in Italia: Lunedì 4 Agosto 2014 su TIMvision
Serie Televisiva: Rookie Blue
Stagione: 4 - Episodio: 10
Nazione: USA
Durata: 45 minuti
Genere: Crimine, Drammatico

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4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
Foto e Immagini 4x10 - Tu sei qui - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue
4x10 - You Are Here - Rookie Blue

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