4x09 Rookie Blue - Cosa ho perso

Rookie Blue: Stagione 4, Episodio 9

locandina 4x9 - Cosa ho perso - Rookie Blue
Cosa ho perso (What I Lost) e' l'episodio numero 9 della Stagione 4 della serie televisiva Rookie Blue.
Girato in USA, prima visione USA Giovedì 15 Agosto 2013 su ABC. Prima visione italiana Lunedì 4 Agosto 2014 su TIMvision.
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Trama, Sinossi Episodio

Il figlio di Chris viene rapito. Mentre Swarek deve vedersela con la relazione tra Nick e Andy, Chris rimane sconvolto quando scopre l'identità del rapitore di suo figlio. 

Sinossi alternativa: POLICE LOG: When Chris' son, Christian, is abducted at a park, all of 15 Division scrambles to find him before it's too late. Detailed report follows: Chris and his new family are back in town for a visit and for the first time in a while, all of the originals rookies are back together. While Dov and Chloe have brought Chris and Denise back to the apartment to settle in, Andy and Nick are watching little Christian at the park. As Nick finishes buckling Christian into his car seat, he sees a man has collapsed on the playground and runs over to help. Andy calls in to dispatch, but can't see the details from the car. She leaves Christian alone in the locked car for a minute, but when she returns the front window is smashed and Christian is gone! With Frank on his honeymoon, Oliver is in charge—at least when Sam's not questioning is decisions in front of the other officers—and gets everyone where they need to be. Traci is managing Denise and Chris who is frustrated that he's stuck on the sidelines. Sam and Marlo follow up a lead on the driver of a suspicious van that had been spotted by the park. Gail is following up with Holly in the crime lab on some blood that was found in the car. And Andy and Nick are stuck fielding tips. Sam and Marlo bring in the van's driver, a guy who was questioned in a missing child case a few years prior in which the child was never found. Marlo seems pretty convinced that this guy is dirty, but he's not cooperating and lawyer's up quickly. Meanwhile, Andy and Nick actually get a useful tip about a boy matching Christian's description being spotted at a movie theater. They follow up with surveillance footage that confirms it's Christian and his abductor is his former soccer coach from back home, a young man named Jean. But the case takes another twist when Gail gets the results from the lab showing that Christian is actually Jean's son! Chris gets Denise to setup a meet with Jean, who clearly still has some feelings for her. But instead of his ex-girlfriend showing up, it's Chris and several cops from 15 Division. Christian is recovered safely and Jean is taken into custody. When questioned, he admits that he figured out that he was really Christian's father a while back and that he and Denise had arranged for the whole soccer thing. When Chris decided to move in with Denise and Christian so that they could be a family, things changed and Denise stopped letting Jean see his biological son. Chris is heartbroken and, once Christian is tucked safely in bed, leaves on a long, late-night walk. We have to wonder what he's going to do when he comes back. The rest of 15 Division spends their nights in different ways. Sam and Marlo, who have a pretty good thing going, may have had their first fight after he didn't back her up when she wanted to hold on to the first suspect. He heads home that night, but she instead parks her car out front of the suspect's house, watching him through his window. Gail, who's tired of terrible blind dates, instead calls up Holly and the two of them go to the batting cages. Let's just say that Gail Peck is not much of an athlete, but at least no one got beaned by a fastball. And then there's Andy and Nick. While at the park, Andy told Nick that the two of them dating was a bad idea for a lot of reasons: he was/is dating her friend Gail (it's complicated), they were undercover together for so long and that'll make rumors (that's really complicated) and just dating co-workers leads to trouble (OMG, SO complicated!). That night, Nick shows up at her apartment and agrees that Andy is totally right, but then says he doesn't care and he'll wait for her. Well, the wait wasn't very long, because the last we see of them is a steamy make-out session on her couch. Yeah, things are about to get complicated.

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Titolo Italiano: Cosa ho perso
Titolo Originale: What I Lost
Prima trasmissione Originale: Giovedì 15 Agosto 2013 su ABC
Premiere USA: Giovedì 15 Agosto 2013 su ABC
Prima trasmissione in Italia: Lunedì 4 Agosto 2014 su TIMvision
Serie Televisiva: Rookie Blue
Stagione: 4 - Episodio: 9
Nazione: USA
Durata: 45 minuti
Genere: Crimine, Drammatico

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