4x03 The Walking Dead - Isolamento

The Walking Dead: Stagione 4, Episodio 3

Isolamento (Isolation) e' l'episodio numero 3 della Stagione 4 della serie televisiva The Walking Dead.
Girato in USA, prima visione USA Domenica 27 Ottobre 2013 su AMC. Prima visione italiana Lunedì 28 Ottobre 2013 su Fox.
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Trama, Sinossi Episodio

Un gruppo esce dal carcere per la ricerca di materiali di consumo, mentre gli altri membri del gruppo defono fare i conti con le recenti perdite di vite umane.

Sinossi alternativa: Carol visits Lizzie and reports that she's going on a food run with Rick. She encourages Lizzie to stay strong. Lizzie offers that even if she dies she'll still be alive as a walker, likening the transformation to growing up. Lizzie then asks Carol how she can not be afraid. "You fight it," Carol says. "And then one day, you just change. We all change." As Daryl's group makes their way to the vet school, Tyreese grows discouraged - pointing out they lost an entire day after the walker attack. Meanwhile, Carol and Rick drive in silence. "I was trying to save lives," Carol finally says, referring to the murders of Karen and David. "I had to try. Somebody had to." "Maybe," Rick replies, unconvinced. Marching through the forest, Daryl encourages Michonne to give up her search for the Governor and put down roots at the prison. Michonne demurs. Rick parks on a residential street. He notes the clean windshield on a nearby car and infers it was used in the past couple of days. Daryl's group finds a minivan at a gas station, but the battery is dead. As they hack away at the kudzu that's overtaken the car and station, walkers lurch out. In an angry stupor, Tyreese refuses to let go of an attacking walker's arm and nearly gets bitten before Michonne slices its head off. Rick and Carol rummage through a house and come across a young couple, Ana and Sam, hiding in the bathroom. As Carol tends to Sam's dislocated shoulder, Ana explains that they were separated from their group a week ago. Pointing to her deformed leg, she explains that Sam looks out for her. Daryl and Bob find a battery at the gas station as Tyreese and Michonne continue to hack away at the kudzu. Michonne chides Tyreese for letting his anger get the better of him. "Aren't you still angry about the Governor?" Tyreese points out. "I was," she says, but is unable to explain why she's still obsessed with finding him. Meanwhile, Daryl observes that the "douchebags" who worked at the station must have killed themselves with antifreeze and then turned. Bob questions whether wanting to go out on their own terms qualifies them as "douchebags," then mercy-kills one of the walkers who's trapped under a pile of rubble. Sam asks if he and his girlfriend can join Rick's group, despite being warned about the illness at the prison. Rick agrees. Then, to Rick's chagrin, Carol suggests Sam and Ana help search the neighborhood for food. Rick gives Sam his wristwatch and tells them to meet back in two hours. As Daryl works on the minivan, Bob confesses that he's an alcoholic and admits his role in causing the shelves to collapse at the Big Spot. "That's what brought on the walkers," Bob says. "And that's what got Zach killed." "That's bullshit," Daryl says, instructing Bob to try the engine. While scavenging a house, Carol again tries to explain about Karen and David, likening it to Rick having killed Shane. "He was gonna kill me," Rick says. "So were they," Carol counters. "They were going to kill all of us." Daryl's group reaches the vet school and begins searching for the medical supplies. Michonne catches Bob quickly stuffing something into his backpack. While picking vegetables from a backyard, Carol reflects with Rick on how strong she's become since her abusive marriage. Looking across the street, they see Ana's body being ravaged by walkers. "We should get back," Carol says matter-of-factly. At the vet school, Daryl's group collects all the medicine from Hershel's list. As they make their way out, they encounter a group of walkers. Rick and Carol wait for Sam to join them back at the house, but he never shows. "It's been too long," Carol says, insisting they leave. At the vet school, Bob nearly loses his backpack to a group of walkers, but refuses to let go. As the walkers yank on Bob's backpack, a bottle of liquor falls out. Daryl angrily notes that Bob didn't even bother to collect any medicine. "Take one sip before those meds get in our people and I will beat your ass to the ground," Daryl growls. Rick and Carol load up the car with supplies. Carol tries for the passenger door but finds it locked. Rick tells her she can't return with him to the prison. "When Tyreese finds out, he'll kill you," Rick says, insisting that murdering Karen and David wasn't her decision to make and that others won't want her at the prison once they find out. "No one else has to know," Carol pleads. "I won't have you there," Rick finally says. As they drive back towards the prison, Michonne tells Daryl he was right about the Governor's trail going cold. "I don't need to go out anymore," she says. "Good," he replies. Meanwhile, Rick helps Carol load up Sam and Ana's car with supplies. Carol gives Rick her watch - an old anniversary gift from Ed - then drives off alone.

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Titolo Italiano: Isolamento
Titolo Originale: Isolation
Prima Visione Assoluta: Domenica 27 Ottobre 2013 su AMC
Prime Visione USA: Domenica 27 Ottobre 2013 su AMC
Prima Visione Italia: Lunedì 28 Ottobre 2013 su Fox
Serie Televisiva: The Walking Dead
Stagione: 4 - Episodio: 3
Nazione: USA
Durata: 45 minuti
Genere: Drammatico, Horror, Thriller

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Ideatori: Frank Darabont

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4x03 - Isolation - The Walking Dead
Foto e Immagini 4x03 - Isolamento - The Walking Dead
4x03 - Isolation - The Walking Dead
4x03 - Isolation - The Walking Dead

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