2x16 - Una festa sorprendente - Chicago Fire

2x16 Chicago Fire:
Una festa sorprendente

Chicago Fire: Stagione 2, Episodio 16

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Una festa sorprendente (A Rocket Blasting Off) e' l'episodio numero 16 della Stagione 2 della serie televisiva Chicago Fire.
Girato in USA, prima visione negli Stati Uniti Martedì 11 Marzo 2014 su NBC. Prima visione in Italia Venerdì 12 Dicembre 2014 su Premium Action.
La prima messa in onda è stata vista da 7.210.000 telespettatori.

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Per festeggiare i venti anni di matrimonio con la moglie, Herrmann decide di organizzare una grande festa e di fare alla sua consorte un regalo molto particolare: si sottoporra' ad un intervento di vasectomia. La detective Lindsay e Voight continuano le indagini per la scomparsa di Vince Keeler. Nel corso delle indagini viene interrogato anche Otis che non convince i due agenti di polizia. Il comandante Jones, padre di Rebecca, convoca Boden e Casey invitandoli ad allontanare la figlia dalla caserma, perche' ha intenzione di destinarla ad un lavoro di ufficio.

Severide arrives at CPD's District 21 for questioning about the mysterious disappearance of Keeler, only Lindsay informs him that she won't be in the room. Seconds later, he sits down with Voight and tensions rise fast as Voight makes it clear he's a suspect. Next up on their list is Otis, and, perhaps against his better judgment, he admits to driving by Keeler's place the night he disappeared - and to sitting by the lake afterwards. In short, his alibi leaves Lindsay less than enthusiastic. Voight insists she investigate him. Back at Firehouse 51, Herrmann floats out the perfect surprise anniversary gift for his wife - a vasectomy. Best part? He's holding it at Molly's on Saturday - which is news to Dawson, who already booked Molly's for a tapas night with her family. Herrmann suggests they combine the two parties, an idea Dawson shoots down with a vengeance. Although Herrmann's persistence breaks her, she dreads the upcoming party combo. The Jones transition continues to be a work in progress. Misinterpreting a recommendation from Mills, she attempts to lighten the mood by buying a custom-made cake in honor of Herrmann's pending procedure. Reactions vary and Jones soon learns someone issued a formal complaint. Boden writes her up and this time Mills doles out clear advice: apologize and swear you'll never do it again. After playing a key, fearless role in a rescue, Jones approaches Boden and apologizes. Unfortunately for her, that gesture may not satisfy the one person she still needs to impress: her father, Chief Jones. He pulls in Boden and Casey for a meeting to explain his plans to send Rebecca to Headquarters in three weeks. In other words, he needs Boden and Casey to disqualify her from 51. Chief Jones doesn't want his daughter to become a firefighter. A call sends Dawson and Shay to pick up an unconscious gunshot victim, but before they leave in the ambulance, the shooters appear, wielding guns and making demands. On instructions from Dispatch, Dawson sneaks into the driver's seat of the ambulance and floors it, igniting a chase that ends with the gangbangers firing off a few rounds before CPD rolls in for the arrest. Close call. Later, Dawson straps on some courage and demands another opportunity to pass the firefighter physical. Loads of red tape (and some grumpy personalities) stand in her way and she doubts the odds of her getting a second chance. But later she's hit with good news: they'll allow her to join the next class! When she tells Casey, he lets on that he pulled some strings... for all the right reasons. Severide's father, Benny, joins his son and Shay for dinner and the conversation takes on a new tone once Severide mentions Otis' interview with CPD. Benny's eyes grow distant and Severide reads it loud and clear... but says nothing. The silence does the talking for them: Benny took care of Keeler. No doubt remains about the culprit when Benny meets up with Voight in private to confess. Voight instructs him to go home to Winnetka. And stay out of Chicago for a while. That night at Molly's, Herrmann surprises his wife with the big announcement, and to the shock of almost everyone in attendance, she loves it! Revelry ensues for the whole bar, with the minor exception of Dawson who gets creeped-out by an admirer - the helpful guy from Dispatch, Ramsey. While she shakes him off her tail, Otis approaches Severide to let him know CPD cleared his alibi. Otis worries about Keeler's true location, but Severide cuts him off. Keeler's never coming back.

Scheda Episodio

Titolo Italiano: Una festa sorprendente
Titolo Originale: A Rocket Blasting Off
Prima Visione Assoluta: Martedì 11 Marzo 2014 su NBC
Prime Visione USA: Martedì 11 Marzo 2014 su NBC
Prima Visione Italia: Venerdì 12 Dicembre 2014 su Premium Action
Serie Televisiva: Chicago Fire
Stagione: 2 - Episodio: 16
Nazione: USA
Durata: 45 minuti
Genere: Drammatico
Ascolti Prima TV: 7.210.000 telespettatori

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Cast e Ruoli principali della Serie:

foto Jesse SpencerJesse Spencer
Matthew Casey
foto Joe MinosoJoe Minoso
Joe Cruz
foto Taylor KinneyTaylor Kinney
Kelly Severide
foto David EigenbergDavid Eigenberg
Christopher Herrmann
foto Eamonn WalkerEamonn Walker
Wallace Boden
foto Christian StolteChristian Stolte
Randall McHolland
foto Miranda Rae MayoMiranda Rae Mayo
Stella Kidd
foto Eloise MumfordEloise Mumford
Hope Jacquinot
foto Annie IlonzehAnnie Ilonzeh
Emily Foster
foto Teddy SearsTeddy Sears
Kyle Sheffield
foto Yuri SardarovYuri Sardarov
Brian Zvonecek
foto Kara KillmerKara Killmer
Sylvie Brett
foto Alberto RosendeAlberto Rosende
Blake Gallo
foto Charlie BarnettCharlie Barnett
Peter Mills
foto Monica RaymundMonica Raymund
Gabriela Dawson
foto Lauren GermanLauren German
Leslie Shay
foto Teri ReevesTeri Reeves
Hallie Thomas
foto Mo GalliniMo Gallini
Jose Vargas

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