1x02 True Detective - Capitolo Due: Visioni

True Detective: Stagione 1, Episodio 2

locandina 1x02 - Capitolo Due: Visioni - True Detective
Capitolo Due: Visioni (Seeing Things) e' l'episodio numero 2 della Stagione 1 della serie televisiva True Detective.
Girato in USA, prima visione USA Domenica 19 Gennaio 2014 su History. Prima visione italiana Venerdì 3 Ottobre 2014 su Sky Atlantic.
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Trama, Sinossi Episodio

Cohle e Hart continuano a interrogare insieme familiari e amici della vittima trovata nel campo, e fanno un passo avanti.

Sinossi alternativa: In 1995, Cohle and Hart continue to investigate the murder of Dora Lange, and learn she was attending church prior to her disappearance. Cohle deduces that Hart is cheating on his wife, Maggie (Michelle Monaghan), with court reporter Lisa Tragnetti (Alexandra Daddario), creating friction between the two. Cohle is also experiencing hallucinatory synesthetic side effects to his drug consumption and is contemptuous of Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle's (Jay O. Sanders) lobbying for a special task force focusing on "anti-Christian crimes" to assist in the investigation. While buying drugs from a young prostitute, Cohle is pointed towards a remote "ranch" harboring runaway girls as prostitutes. They interview underage prostitute Beth (Lili Simmons), find Lange's diary and learn the location of the church, which was destroyed in a fire, and that Lange came under the influence of a man she called the "King in Yellow" in a place called "Carcosa." While searching through the wreckage of the church, they find a wall painting depicting the nightmarish image of a woman with deer antlers on her head. In 2012, Papania and Gilbough continue their interviews of Cohle and Hart. Hart is divorced, and Cohle confides that his daughter died after being involved in a car accident, leading to the collapse of his marriage and the beginning of his addiction. To avoid prosecution for killing a meth user who had injected his own infant child with the drug, Cohle's superiors compelled him to be a "floating" drug undercover officer for four years, until he was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution after shooting three cartel members and being wounded in the gunfight. After his release, Cohle's request for another job resulted in his becoming a homicide detective with CID, where he was partnered with Hart.

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Titolo Italiano: Capitolo Due: Visioni
Titolo Originale: Seeing Things
Prima Visione Assoluta: Domenica 19 Gennaio 2014 su HBO
Prime Visione USA: Domenica 19 Gennaio 2014 su History
Prima Visione Italia: Venerdì 3 Ottobre 2014 su Sky Atlantic
Serie Televisiva: True Detective
Stagione: 1 - Episodio: 2
Nazione: USA
Durata: 60 minuti
Genere: Drammatico, Poliziesco

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Ideatori: Nic Pizzolatto

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