Die geliebten Schwestern (2014)

Die geliebten Schwestern

Locandina Die geliebten Schwestern
Die geliebten Schwestern (Die geliebten Schwestern) è un film del 2014 prodotto in Germania e Austria, di genere Drammatico e Storico, diretto da Dominik Graf. Dura circa 171 minuti. Il cast include Hannah Herzsprung, Andreas Pietschmann, Ronald Zehrfeld, Bennet Meyer.


The summer of 1788 in Rudolstadt. Rebellious poet Friedrich Schiller and two penniless sisters, members of the Thuringian aristocracy, experience an unforgettable period together which will eventually bind them forever. Unhappily married Caroline von Beulwitz and her shy sister Charlotte von Lengefeld take seriously their oath to share everything – even the author of 'The Robbers'. Charlotte marries Schiller so they may pursue their ménage à trios under the guise of convention. Caroline, whose novel Schiller publishes anonymously, leaves her husband. The fragile equilibrium of their love triangle becomes unhinged when she falls pregnant. But Schiller is determined to fight for both sisters. In his first feature-length drama in eight years, Dominik Graf does not focus on Schiller the wild and brilliant celebrity dramatist, but instead examines the eternal question: is it possible to live out an unconventional form of love? The cultural hub that was Weimar, the development of letterpress printing and the French revolution all provide the backdrop for this passionate love story. A film which uses luminous, fluid cinematography, stays close to its characters and is modern in terms of thought, action and emotion.

Info Tecniche e Distribuzione

Prima Uscita: 31/07/2014 (Germania)
Genere: Drammatico, Storico
Nazione: Germania, Austria, Svizzera - 2014
Formato: Colore
Durata: 171 minuti
Produzione: Bavaria Filmverleih- und Produktions GmbH, ARD Degeto Film (co-produzione), ARTE (co-produzione), Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) (co-produzione), Kiddinx Filmproduktion (co-produzione), Senator Film (co-produzione), WS Filmproduktion (co-produzione), Wega Film (co-produzione), Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) (co-produzione), Osterreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) (co-produzione)
Presentato in Competizione al Festival del cinema di Berlino 2014.

Cast e personaggi

Regia: Dominik Graf
Sceneggiatura: Dominik Graf

Cast Artistico e Ruoli:
foto Hannah HerzsprungHannah Herzsprung
Caroline von Lengefeld
foto Andreas PietschmannAndreas Pietschmann
Friedrich von Beulwitz
foto Bennet MeyerBennet Meyer
Adolph Wolzogen

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