October Faction [credit: Netflix]

October Faction (2020)

October Faction

Locandina October Faction
October Faction e' una serie di genere Horror e Giallo del 2020 girata in USA prodotta da High Park Entertainment e IDW Entertainment (in associazione con) e diretta da Director X. Si compone di 1 stagione e 10 episodi. Ogni episodio dura in media 42 minuti.
Prima visione assoluta il 23 Gennaio 2020 su Netflix. In Italia debutta su Netflix il 23 Gennaio 2020. Nel cast anche Tamara Taylor, J.C. MacKenzie, Aurora Burghart, Gabriel Darku, Maxim Roy, Stephen McHattie

I cacciatori di mostri Fred (JC MacKenzie) e Deloris Allen (Tamara Taylor) nascondono le loro identità come membri di un sindacato segreto mentre i loro figli adolescenti, Geoff (Gabriel Darku) e Viv (Aurora Burghart), sono costretti a vivere in una città intrappolata nella passato.

Serie tratta dai fumetti di Steve Niles e Damien Worm.

Stagioni e Episodi

Stagioni - EpisodiPrima Visione AssolutaPrima Visione Italia
Stagione 1 - Episodi 1023 Gennaio 2020 su Netflix23 Gennaio 2020 su Netflix

Cast e Personaggi

Regia: Megan Follows, Damian Kindler, David Frazee, Director X, Mina Shum
Sceneggiatori: Keely MacDonald, Damian Kindler, James Thorpe, Melissa Blake, George Strayton, Mohamad El Masri, Christina Walker
Ideatori: Damian Kindler, Steve Niles e Damien Worm (basato sulla pubblicazione 'The October Faction' di)
Musiche: Tim Welch
Fotografia: Miroslaw Baszak
Montaggio: Michael Doherty, Ben Wilkinson, Don Cassidy, Lisa Grootenboer, Hugh Elchuk
Scenografia: Andrew Berry
Costumi: Alex Reda

Cast Artistico e Ruoli:
foto J.C. MacKenzie
J.C. MacKenzie

Fred Allen
foto Aurora Burghart
Aurora Burghart

Viv / Voce Presidio AI
foto Tamara Taylor
Tamara Taylor

Deloris Allen
foto Stephen McHattie
Stephen McHattie

Samuel, padre di Fred
foto Maxim Roy
Maxim Roy

Alice Harlow
foto Sara Waisglass
Sara Waisglass

Madison St. Claire
foto Megan Follows
Megan Follows

Edith Mooreland
foto Praneet Akilla
Praneet Akilla

Phillip Mishra
foto Michelle Nolden
Michelle Nolden

Hannah Mercer
foto Wendy Crewson
Wendy Crewson

Maggie, madre di Fred
foto Nicola Correia-Damude
Nicola Correia-Damude

Gina Fernandez
foto Taveeta Szymanowicz
Taveeta Szymanowicz

Giovane Deloris
Cast Ruolo principale
Gabriel Darku...Geoff (10 episodi)
J.C. MacKenzie...Fred Allen (10 episodi)
Aurora Burghart...Viv / Voce Presidio AI (10 episodi)
Tamara Taylor...Deloris Allen (10 episodi)
Stephen McHattie...Samuel, padre di Fred (9 episodi)
Maxim Roy...Alice Harlow (9 episodi)
Sara Waisglass...Madison St. Claire (8 episodi)
Megan Follows...Edith Mooreland (8 episodi)
Praneet Akilla...Phillip Mishra (8 episodi)
Michelle Nolden...Hannah Mercer (8 episodi)
Wendy Crewson...Maggie, madre di Fred (7 episodi)
Nicola Correia-Damude...Gina Fernandez (7 episodi)
Taveeta Szymanowicz...Giovane Deloris (7 episodi)
Charles Vandervaart...Giovane Fred (7 episodi)
Calvin Desautels...Dante (7 episodi)
Anwen O'Driscoll...Cathy MacDonald (6 episodi)
Dayo Ade...Moshe (5 episodi)
Robin Dunne...Woody Markham (5 episodi)
Joris Jarsky...Basil Tate (4 episodi)
Emilia McCarthy...Heather (4 episodi)
Edie Inksetter...Principale Schaffer (3 episodi)
Laurie Murdoch...Mr. Eriksen (3 episodi)
Carson MacCormac...Rob (3 episodi)
Paul Braunstein...Chester Weiss (3 episodi)
Robert Bazzocchi...Steve Thompson (3 episodi)
Saad Siddiqui...William Mishra (3 episodi)
Andrew Moodie...Omari (2 episodi)
Ted Whittall...Coach Simons (2 episodi)
Jennifer Baxter...Sandra St. Claire (2 episodi)
Donald MacLean Jr....Seth Allen (2 episodi)
Jonah Madsen...Giovane Seth (1 episodi)
Tanu Ravi...Donna (1 episodi)
Andrew Ahmed...Waleed (1 episodi)
James Cade...Fish Man (1 episodi)
Ellen Giddings...Rachel (1 episodi)
Jake Michaels...Boone (Leader Gang) (1 episodi)
Shadia Ali...Alia (1 episodi)
Chris Mark...Yuuto Murakami (1 episodi)
Kassidy Silverberg...Giovane Viv (1 episodi)
Martin Happer...Giovane Samuel (1 episodi)
Dale Whibley...Jack (1 episodi)
Gavin Williams...Niklaus (1 episodi)
Kate Ross...Kate Marshall / Giovane Edith (1 episodi)
Kim Nelson...Priestess (1 episodi)
Matthew Finlan...Nate (1 episodi)
Jennifer Gibson...Giovane Maggie (1 episodi)
Mickeey Nguyen...Aden (1 episodi)
Lyla Porter-Follows...Maxine (1 episodi)
Gord Rand...Burt (1 episodi)
Mikayla Radan...Sarah (1 episodi)

Produttori: Lydia Antonini, Matthew McCluggage, Ted Adams, George Strayton, John Calvert, Damian Kindler, Sandra Lum Lock, James Thorpe, Mohamad El Masri, Steve Niles, Melissa Blake, Eric Birnberg, Thomas Walden
(nei singoli episodi informazioni specifiche su Produttori, Produttori Esecutivi, Produttori associati, Coproduttori e di altro tipo.)

Le voci italiane

Lorenza Biella (Maggie), Sophia De Pietro (Edith), Emanuela Rossi (Alice), Letizia Ciampa (Vivian), Sandro Acerbo (Fred), Federico Campaiola (Phillip), Francesco Ferri (Geoff)

Schede Personaggi

DELORIS ALLEN (Tamara Taylor)
A highly skilled monster hunter for the Presidio Foundation, Deloris is unflinching when it comes to both her job and her family. Like Fred, she grew up in the small town of Barington-on-Hudson, but had a much different formative experience than the privileged Allen boys. With her introduction to the supernatural steeped in tragedy, Deloris is hell-bent on preventing more deaths at the hands of deadly creatures. Her no-nonsense attitude serves her whether she is dealing with monsters or the pressures of raising two teenagers. When she returns to Barington-on-Hudson, she finds herself facing a past she thought she had left behind forever. Her drive to fix the mistakes that have come back to haunt her could put her marriage and her children in jeopardy. Deloris is tough, intelligent and nurturing, but is weary of the toll the job has taken on herself and her husband. Besides falling in love with Fred, Deloris was motivated to join Presidio after her father's death.
FRED ALLEN (J.C. MacKenzie)
A globe-trotting father and husband, Fred, along with his wife Deloris, is one of the top monster slayers for the Presidio Foundation, a secret organization that battles the supernatural around the world. Brooding, intelligent, and charismatic, Fred has an uncanny ability to piece together divergent bits of data to find connections and figure out where it all leads. His guilt over the death of his brother Seth led him to join Presidio, but now he's torn between continuing his family legacy as a monster hunter and forging a better future for his children. With the death of his father, Fred is suddenly confronted with something he's never really had before: choice. The future he chooses will save his family or destroy it. Fred is wisecracking, even-tempered and available to his children, Geoff and Viv.
VIVIAN ALLEN (Aurora Burghart)
Deloris and Fred's teenage daughter, and fraternal twin to her brother Geoff. Viv is a reserved observer whose genius-level intelligence and scientific mind often prevent her from making deep social connections. When she moves to Barington-on-Hudson, she winds up forging a relationship with another kindred teen spirit beset by loneliness. But when certain eccentricities of Viv's surface, that friendship and much more will be tested. Viv is introverted and artistic-minded and slow to make friends.
GEOFF ALLEN (Gabriel Darku)
A confident, proudly out teenager, Geoff immediately wins over the students at his new high school, leading to a clash with popular jock Phillip Mishra, who refuses to let the "new kid" disrupt the social hierarchy. While Geoff never shies away from the limelight, he also has a sensitive side, which he reveals only to those closest to him. He's a firm believer in being truthful with himself and the world, so when he discovers his parents have been lying to him, he wonders if he can ever trust them again. Geoff is a highly intelligent and sarcastic social butterfly who navigates his new surroundings easily.
Alice is a powerful warlock and the last of her kind. Driven by a profound sense of loss, she sets out to destroy those responsible for the genocide against her people, but along the way she uncovers a long-held secret that could shatter the Allen family forever.
Over the course of two decades of dedicated service, Edith Mooreland has worked her way up from field agent to head of the Presidio Foundation. She believes deeply in Presidio's mission to protect humanity from the threat of monstrous entities throughout the world. She's driven, focused, and willing to sacrifice her life for the cause. Her close relationship with Fred Allen will be tested as the season progresses. In the end, she'll be forced to make difficult choices that will determine humanity's fate as well as her own.
MAGGIE ALLEN (Wendy Crewson)
A retired member of Presidio and the mother of Fred Allen, Maggie is a slightly eccentric, completely confident, and no-bullshit widower. Born into poverty, Maggie is used to hard work and grit, and used her savvy and calculating nature to not only marry up, into a world of high society and privilege via the prestigious Allen family name, but to work her way up in Presidio's ranks as a mission analyst. Despite her sense of duty to the Allen family and Presidio, she left Samuel over his obsession with their son Seth's death. But her drive to protect her family and continue Presidio's work have never wavered.
SAMUEL ALLEN, interpretato da Stephen McHattie)
A direct descendant of Ethan Allen and a staunch believer in Presidio's mission to eradicate all monsters, Samuel brought both of his sons into the monster-hunting fold at an early age. As a father, he was tough, set in his ways, and difficult to please. After the loss of his favored son, Seth, and the failure of his marriage, Samuel became consumed with a secret project and died a broken man.
HANNAH MERCER, interpretato da Michelle Nolden)
An accomplished Presidio agent, Hannah reports directly to the head of Presidio, Edith Mooreland. Trusted with critical tasks, she carries out her duties with unwavering loyalty and has been rewarded with constant promotions and increasing power within the foundation. Since she joined Presidio, she's maintained a close relationship with Fred Allen as they share many of the same personal and professional sensibilities. While she's willing to speak her mind when she disagrees with her fellow agents or even Edith herself, she believes in Presidio's mission and always does her best to make the world a safer place.
GINA FERNANDEZ (Nicola Correia-Damude)
Deloris' best friend from high school and now Barington-on-Hudson's Sheriff, Gina is a tough, insightful, and dedicated friend and law enforcement professional. When she launches an investigation into a mysterious killing, she begins to suspect that there's a lot more to the Allen family than meets the eye. And unfortunately for the Allens, Gina is very good at her job.
PHILLIP MISHRA (Praneet Akilla)
A football player and the most popular of the cool kids at Horatio H. Allen High, Phillip becomes threatened when Geoff Allen transfers in and begins to win over the student body. To maintain his status, Phillip does everything in his power to knock Geoff off the social ladder entirely. Haunted by a tragic accident, Phillip deals with conflicting feelings about himself and his relationships and will have to face a difficult truth if he wants to move forward.
CATHY MACDONALD (Anwen O'Driscoll)
An outcast in high school social circles, Cathy is a loner who spends most of her time just trying to navigate the complexities of teenage life in a small town. Though considered odd by most, she finds a potential ally and friend in Viv Allen, but the strain of cliquish high school society could ultimately turn Cathy and Viv into the worst of enemies.
MOSHE (Dayo Ade)
The leader of an elite tactical unit, Moshe's hunt for an escaped prisoner puts him on a collision course with the Allens. Though capable of great violence, he's driven by an intense loyalty and moral code. He shares a connection with Fred that could either bring them together or end in a deadly showdown.
DANTE (Calvin Desautels)
A teen with the physique of a linebacker and the mind of a child, Dante is part human and part machine. He's immediately drawn to Viv Allen, but his intentions — along with his origins — remain unclear

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